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.NET technology has redefined the platforms used for application development. You can now have solutions that manage a range of business processes very securely and efficiently with user experiences that are in tune with your organization practices.

It facilitates developers and architects to capitalize on productivity features like pre-built code, reusability of code and flexibility of using multiple programming languages.

Our Expertise BlazeDream has a pool of talent with the ability to learn, adapt and implement with ease. Our .NET development team has been delivering robust and user-friendly applications that have been proving to be a boon for information management in the organization.

Our skills include:
  • ADO.NET - enabling secure access to data and data services
  • ASP.NET - enabling development of dynamic websites, web applications and web services. BlazeDream repertoire ranges from CMS-enabled websites to web applications that cover a whole range of business processes. Our skills in updated technologies and tools like ASP.NET AJAX Silverlight etc. help us deliver rich internet applications.
  • Webservices - enabling secure data exchange.
  • N-Tier Architecture - enabling separate handling of presentation, application processing, and data management.
  • Window services - enables to create long running executable application automatically

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